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New EBU Blue Book

The EBU's Blue Book replaced the Orange Book on 1/8/13; it defines the conventions players are permitted to use. See here for some changes that have been made to the announcing and alerting rules. Click here to find the Blue Book, and other EBU L&E publications. The coloured books and other resources are also available at (login required).

New Laws of Duplicate Bridge, effective August 2008

The 2007 Laws of Duplicate Bridge took effect in Wales and England on 1st August 2008. Two seminars were held to acquaint club directors with the changes in the these news: 1st June at Prestatyn Bridge Club conducted by David Stevenson, and 15th June at Gwent Bridge Academy conducted by Ken Richardson. Those attending received a copy of the new Laws gratis.

Ken Richardson prepared a very useful set of notes giving Interpretation and Guidance in the WBU context. Note that just one of the items of guidance (for Law 16B1(b)) has been updated by the L&E Committee in 2010.

Information for Tournament Directors

The White Book is the EBU Tournament Directors Guide which also has useful information for tournament players. It includes commentaries on the laws and other information such as split tie regs; victory point scales; how to give 'weighted' rulings; how to score boards where pairs leave early or don't arrive and general guidance on preparing to run a tournament. The 2013 edition has replaced earlier editions with effect from 1/8/13.

Click here for a page which gives pointers to the current versions of the White Book, the Blue Book (which replaced the Orange Book on 1/8/13), and other EBU L&E publications, including some very useful flowcharts on how to handle common infringements.

WBU Tournament Director Courses

The Welsh Bridge Union organises courses for Tournament Directors according to demand. A description of the courses is available here. For more details of these WBU Director Courses contact Neville Richards on 01597 850050 or email


TDs forms in PDF format

David Stevenson produces an annual booklet describing and discussing all the appeals that have taken place associated with WBU events. You can find the full set of these booklets on his website here, together with similar booklets for EBU and North American events. Heartily recommended reading!


To David Stevenson who has braved the European Bridge League's arduous selection process for tournament directors and succeeded at the first attempt (only if you come top in a course does that happen - otherwise you have to pass two courses). So Wales has a fully-fledged EBL tournament director. We believe he is the first Welsh director to achieve this level.