Management Committee


The WBU Management Committee (MC) established after the SGM in September 2010 endeavours to publish its minutes promptly here:

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Other Papers

MC Standing Orders


The WBU Yearbook (the renamed Journal)

The general rules and regulations for all WBU Competitions, the entry fees and how to contact people who can help with rulings and appeals can be found in the WBU YearBook 2013-14, which may be read online here. (It has been edited by Laura Woodruff, and renamed the WBU YearBook to recognise the great improvments she has made.)

WBU Newsletters

The WBU Newsletter was revived in December 2009. Editots included Jill Knight and Laura Woodruff.

Until 2005, the WBU published a Newsletter which was also distributed free to all members, through the clubs. Here is an index to the editions we have been able to find, in PDF format.

Do you have any other editions that fill the gaps which I can scan and put on the website? Still needed: nos 28, 29, 31.

The index also points to four editions of a biannual WBU magazine, three edited by Gwynn Davis and Susan Ingham and one by Julian Pottage, published early in 2007 and 2008.

Blue Book

The EBU's Blue Book replaced the Orange Book on 1/8/13; it defines the conventions players are permitted to use. It will be updated each year, with changes becoming effective from August 1st.

Click here for a page which gives pointers to the current versions of the coloured books including the Blue Book, and other EBU L&E publications, including some useful flowcharts on how to handle common infringements. The coloured books and other resources are also available at (login required).

Other Publications

Bridge Rules

Laura Woodruff and David Burn have written a useful guide for all players on the importance of the rules of the game and some important situations everyone should understand. Read 'Bridge Rules: A Brief Guide for Players of All Standards' here.

Appeals Booklets

David Stevenson produces an annual booklet describing and discussing all the appeals that have taken place associated with WBU events. You can find the full set of these booklets on his website here, together with similar booklets for EBU and North American events. These booklets are heartily recommended reading for players as well as appeal committee members and tournament directors!

Bridge Behaviour

A recurring theme from the members' survey in 2011 was concern that enjoyment of the game can be compromised by the poor behaviour of a minority of players. The WBU Management Committee has adopted this policy:

We will promote a playing environment which, by improving attitudes and behaviour at bridge, promotes enjoyment of the game by players of all standards.

and published a guide and summary which was sent to each club. More information and online copies

WBU Administration

There are various administrative documents published by the WBU. Here are some of them:

WBU Constitution (revised 2010)
Old WBU Constitution (revised 2008, superseded 2010)
Masterpoint Handbook (Version 5, 2003)
Congress Masterpoint Tables (revised September 2010)
Model club constitution
Policy on Honoraria (adopted by Council 20/3/11)

Minutes of past Council meetings and AGMs can be read here









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